• Cold cuts

    Speck, salami, ham, and more...

    Love goes through the stomach – and so does the love for our Speck, Kaminwurzen, and numerous game specialties. Handmade, smoked over beech wood, and air-dried in the fresh mountain air – that's the taste of South Tyrol!

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  • Speck

    A tribute to pleasure and tradition

    Natural spices, lightly smoked, hearty in taste – every bite a piece of authentic South Tyrol. Now the only question remains: Whole ham, half, or quarter? Classic-traditional, belly bacon, loin, or lean bacon? You have to try them all!

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  • Steaks

    A variety of diversity

    Dry-aged or water-aged? Wet-aged or whiskey-aged? Ash-aged or butter-aged? Yes, here our love for meat kicks into high gear. And also the courage to try something new, to combine, to test, and to be delighted at how awesome it always tastes!

    Get ready to enjoy!
  • Quick cuisine

    Perfect for Every Day

    Various boiled sausages, grilled sausages, burger patties, schnitzel or smoked meat, marinated pork shoulder, ribs, gyros & Co. Or a tasty and spicy goulash, and if you like, even with matching dumplings! Always delicious, dig in!

    Dig in!


Local farmers, a chain traceable down to the smallest detail, and a proud commitment to sustainability. That´s our healty understanding of good meat. 



Questions about shipping, specific products, or preparation? Our team, including two meat sommeliers, is happy to address your queries!



Securely packed, your order is on its way. Fresh meat within Italy, air-dried products also to foreign countries.